Heavy Gunner - Being one of the stonger infantry in the game, it moves slower then a Red Guard,
but still deals significant damage with it's auto-rifle.
Grenader - Great against both Infantry and vehicles, but it's only drawback, is the slow fire
rate and reload rate.
Sniper - A chinese sniper, can shoot the pilots from vehicles, and kill infantry.
(WARNING: Don't snipe combat cycle pilots, or supply quad pilots, crashes game.)
Siege Soldier - A mortar infantry, capable of being upgraded with EMP Grenades for
all generals except the Nuke general, who gets the nuke grenade.
Flame Trooper - A chinese soldier who loves the smell of napalm, he can be upgraded with Black
napalm to become even more deadly.

Hacker Truck - Like the internet center it can be loaded with only Hackers, but instead of having to
build hackers along with the truck, it comes loaded by default.
Mobile Barracks - Builds infantry anywhere on the battlefield.
Raider - Can carry four infantry, and be upgraded with a chaingun, Mortar, and Missile pods.
MT-LB - An Anti-Armor vehicle, able to destroy anything in it's path, including air units.
Typhoon - A Missile Based Artillery.

Tank Destroyer - (Tank Gen only) A tank Destroyer.
Trident - (Tank Gen only) A light light Tank.
Devistator - (Nuke Gen only) A heavy tank that fires nuclear shells.
Futs-Lung Light Tank - A light tank that can be upgraded to a tank destroyer when it becomes elite.
War Master - (Nuke Gen Only) A light tank.
Uberlord - (Nuke Gen Only) A Massive tank with cruisemissile bays on its back.
Tiger Tank - Not a tank to be taken lightly, it's fierce main gun tears through armor, but once
upgraded with the Tiger claw missiles it becomes one of the most deadly tanks on the battlefield.
ROV - A light ATV, it has a main cannon which fires incindiary shells, and also comes equiped with
a small flame thrower.
Anti-Personel Tank - A heavily armed tank, capable of ripping through infantry with ease, and
being able to be upgraded with a chaingun.
Spider Tank - Named this because of it's ability to spray missiles in four different directions.
Sentinal - A robotic tank for the Tank General.

Gattling Boat - Has three gattling cannons that can tear through enemy aircraft with ease. Keep this
ship guarded from other naval vessels, and land batteries.
Battle Cruiser - Has three main guns that can rip through armor like a hot knife through butter. Keep
this ship guarded from other aircraft.

White Tiger - Faster then the mig, and it carries more ammo, it can shoot down aircraft and creates
firestorms with each missile.
Venom - Three versions, the Gattling (China, Infantry General), Rocket (Tank General),
Gattling Rocket (Nuke General), all forms are fast and deadly, keep your airspace guarded at all
Bomber - Two Versions, the napalm version carries 30 bombs, and is considered to be extremely
dangerous. The nuke version carries 10 bombs, each creating a small nuclear explosion, and
upgradable with the Gamma Radiation, not much of a treat, unless it attacks stationary or slow
moving units.
Iron Dragon - The fastest unit in the game, also does massive damage with it's bombs,
but can be upgraded with Nova bombs to do even more damage.