Omega Battle Drone - A Chinese Battle Drone
Anti-Personel Chain Gun - Grants a chain gun to the Anti-Personel Tank.
Raier Cannon - Grants a Chain Gun to the Raider.
Raider Mortar - Grants a mortar to the Raider.
Raider Missiles - Grants a Missile Pod to the Raider.
Nova Bombs - Allows the Iron Dragon to do more damage.
Nuke Grenades - (Nuke Gen only) Allows the Siege Soldier to launch miniature nuclear shells.
EMP Grenades - Allows the Siege Soldier to launche Miniature emp shells.
Tiger Claw Missiles - Equipes the Tiger Tank with Missile Pods.
A6-AP Autorifle - Allows the redguard to do more damage and fire faster.