Sniper - Equiped with a 3 round burst rifle, kills in 3 hits.
S47 Rebel - Has a Machine gun, which can also launch grenades.
Alqueda - Equiped with a Machine gun, and can throw molotovs.

Quad - Anti tank vehicle, and able to salvage a second missile launcher.
Supply Quad - Gathers supplys.
Mobile Demo Trap - A Mobile Demo robot

Heavy Tanks - Two versions. Regular version, two 50 cal infantry on the back, no salvage.
Second version,(Chem Gen only) able to salvage a new cannon, and has a Chemical sprayer on the back.
Plague Tank - (Chem Gen only) A light Artillery vehicle, creates a large toxin cloud.
Traversor - (Stealth Gen only) A Light tank, deals medium damage.
Thrasher - (Stealth Gen only) Cheap Tank ment to defend your base for short periods of time.
Sand King - (Demo Gen Only) Boasts a main gun, and a 90mm howitzer on the end.
Howitzer - (Demo Gen only) A light Artillery vehicle, can fire shells at the range of a nuke cannon,
or shells at almost double the range of the nuke cannon, with bad accuracy.

Quad Boaat - Has quad cannon on the back that can tear through enemy aircraft
with ease. Keep this ship guarded from other naval vessels, and land batteries.
Rocket Boat - Like the Rocket Buggy, it's missile based artillery.
Keep this ship guarded from aircraft, and land batteries.
PT Boat - Can collect Salvage to upgrade it's weapons like the technical.