Guerilla - Very Weak, but built in groups of four.
Stinger Soldier - Detects stealth, and can shoot at air, and deals good damage to anything it hits.
Assassin - Has a sniper rifle, and can call in a paradrop anywhere on the map.
Fundamentalist - Good against anything in large groups, very cheap.
Worker - Constructs buildings and gathers supplys

Supply Truck - A Mobile supply stash.
Hurricane - Good against air and Infantry, was given to them by the US.
Dune Buggy - A Light vehicle with machine guns.

Spear - (Only with Spear Tank Upgrade) Its Buster cannon is very deadly to armored units.
Bots - Remote controled vehicles.
Scrapped Units - Scrapped Battlemasters and Crusaders.
Militia Tank - Basic Tank, can be upgraded with the Machine gun upgrade.
Destroyer - A Large Tank Destroyer.