Seal - Armed with a Machine gun, and can Place bombs.
Marine - Armed with a Machine gun, and can throw grenades.
Spec. Ops - Armed with a Machine gun, and can launch M203's and smoke grenades.

MLRS - A long range artillery.
AS-90 - A long range Howitzer.
Hammer Head - A massive long range Howitzer.
Mobile Barracks - Builds infantry anywhere on the battlefield.
Bradley - Can carry six infantry, and has both a cannon, and missiles.
King Crusader - Has a powerful main gun, able to deal great amounts of damage, and can also be upgraded with a rocket pod to defend itself from Aircraft and infantry.
Hellbender Hovertank - A new advancement in technology has allowed for the US to airdrop the most advanced tank for the superweapon general, defend vs air units.
Trojan Tank - (AF Gen Only) A basic tank
Mammoth - Two versions. (SupW Gen only) A basic Heavy Tank. (Laser Gen Only) A Laser Based Version of the Supw Gen version.
M1 Abrams - The Main Battle Tank for US Forces.

Cruiser - Has 2 long range main guns.
AA Cruiser - Has 1 AA Vulcan, and 8 AA Missile pods.
Missile Cruiser - Has 1 long range main gun and 12 long range Missile Bays.

Black Hawk - Two Versions, first version comes loaded with Spec. Ops. Second Version comes with missile and rocket pods.
Ravager - Fires 4 powerful inaccurate missiles
Razorback - Is equiped with a Machine gun, 4 missiles, and 2 bombs.
F-23 - Has 6 missiles, and can carpet bomb a target.